Your protection is particularly important to us
Welcome, you are on the homepage of the central electronic whistleblowing system of ISS-Netzwerk gGmbH and its subsidiaries.

We have commissioned PARK Compliance Services GmbH, in this case lawyer Dr. Tobias Eggers and lawyer Dr. Marius Haak to set up and operate this whistleblowing system and to act as an ombudsperson.

You can use this reporting office, which is independent of instructions, to submit information if you receive information about compliance violations (rule violations, examples can be found on the following page) in connection with your professional activities or in advance of professional activities, in particular violations in accordance with Section 2 HinSchG.

If you submit a report via our whistleblower system, it will be received directly and exclusively by Tobias Eggers and Marius Haak. In this video, Tobias Eggers introduces himself and his duties as an ombudsperson.

On the next page you also have the opportunity to report incidents from everyday working life anonymously. Have you noticed that a child in our care has been mistreated and/or subjected to psychological and physical violence, etc.? The report will be received by the external ombudsman's office and - if it does not fall within the scope of § 2 HinSchG - forwarded to the experienced child protection specialist ISS-Netzwerk gGmbH so that the child can be helped as quickly as possible. The organisation also has the option of forwarding the report anonymously to the local youth welfare office.

How the system protects you:
  • The system protects the confidentiality of the identity of the persons named in § 8 HinSchG, i.e. above all that of the person making the report.
  • If you wish, your report will be recorded completely anonymously. 
  • All information is encrypted end-to-end so that your sensitive information is secure.

What topic do you want to report?

This reporting point applies to any offence under Section 2 HinSchG, i.e. offences that are punishable by law or are a regulatory offence. In addition, certain violations of federal or state laws and directly applicable legal acts of the EU and the European Atomic Energy Community can be reported.

If you cannot find your topic explicitly, please select "Other violations according to § 2 HinSchG".

If your report does not fall within the scope of the HinSchG and another contact person is therefore responsible for your case, you will receive confidential feedback.

Please note that the HinSchG and its legal protective effects (e.g. confidentiality) may not apply to reports of work-related offences/incidents in everyday childcare. However, as a company, we are committed to providing comprehensive protection for whistleblowers in the event of such reports.

External reporting centres

The option of submitting a report via the ISS-Netzwerk gGmbH reporting platform does not preclude you from submitting an external report to the competent federal, state or European Union bodies, institutions or other organisations. In particular, the following can be considered as such
  • the central external reporting centre of the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ)
  • the whistleblower system of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
  • the whistleblower system of the Federal Cartel Office (BKartA

External persons

Are you not employed by the ISS network or its subsidiaries and would still like to give us feedback or report something? Then please follow the link "Feedback" and write to us with your request.