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Work-related offences/incidents in everyday care work
  • Sexual violation of boundaries
    No one may sexually harass you or third parties in the company. No one may physically approach you or third parties in the company if you do not want this. Not by a company carer. Nor by other children and young people or other adults.

  • Physical and psychological violence
    Nobody is allowed to hurt you, injure you or inflict violence on you. Nobody is allowed to hit you. Other children and young people must also not be injured and no violence may be inflicted on them by anyone.

  • Breach of supervisory duties
    You suspect or have an indication that a carer has breached their duty of supervision. This means that he or she has not looked after other children or young people and has not paid close attention. As a result, you or a child or young person has been put in danger or something bad has even happened.

  • Discrimination
    Nobody is allowed to insult you or treat you badly. E.g. because of your religion, your appearance, your skin colour or your opinion

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